Sunday, December 12, 2010

Suicide or Bombing

A man carrying bombs blew his car and himself up in Stockholm. Fortunately, nobody else was seriously wounded. The first terrorist suicide bomber in Sweden. There are so many aspects to this, I hardly know where to begin. Nothing in this world is simple, nor black and white.

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Suicide or Bombing


  1. Nice and wide analyse Stefan...The only thing i have to remark, is about the Swedish forces i Afghanistan....They are not peacekeepingforces.

  2. nice insight.
    I tend to agree with the solitary man aspect, though when dealing with Islam (which I was taught mean's 'Nation of God') there are no borders. The goal is only to make every nation subject to Moslem traditions, however those traditions have themselves been replaced with the traditions of the politics of the religion of Muhammed. So.. that's where the issues arise. No religion should be deifying a human but that is what is to be expected in moderrn faith as we are either christian or moslem praising these men raised to god-like prophetic status.. With the recent admissions that Saudis support AlQaeda it is altogether possible that any of these yahoos blowing themself up are authorised to pursue a personal Jihad and attain heaven with the virgins and all that (this is where the bomber's travels become relevent). Because heaven must be achieved under Jihad as a martyr.
    Okay I know I ramble a little, but the question of the lone madman to me seems doubtful because one man without the teachings of another is unlikely to construct an elabprate religious death whereupon he is helping others.
    These are generaliosed statements to try and direct thaought to the systemic faults of Jihad and Islam in general, though not a condemnation of the principles or faith of a Moslem.

    So that's my argument. Religious wackjobs wack themselves with bombs because quasi-religious politician wack-jobs tell them to.
    Tackar fer efter att ha lyssnar

  3. All religions may be dangerous, if you believe too much in them. Then they will pave the way for, and produce, such devilish conspiracies and personal tragedies, as you, Stefan, mention in your last paragraph. But I'm afraid you can't "play them down" from one to the other, because to me they seem to be two sides of the same coin. We rather have to expose that possibility. Emphasize that excessive faith in whatever may be a confession of personal failure, loss of mental stability, and an SOS signal that this person needs help to restore his place in his/her family and society.

  4. Gleni, as far as I know, there are only two missionary world religions - Islam and Christianity. Other religions have no proclaimed intent to 'take over the world'. Not that it makes them free of tragedy...

    I agree with you that, so to speak, no man is an island. Even the solitary madman usually finds friends to encourage him and confirm his delusions.

  5. Okjhum, maybe we should start by concluding that fundamentalism and other forms of excessive faith are consequences of personal crisis and shortcomings?

  6. apparently the bomber contacted the military and the press both ten minuted befrore the event. It is common in order to create civil panic and then have media attention. I almost think that when the car blew up and he wasn't immediately seeing the press and the military he arrived at the decision that he was being an idiot and tried to disarm his body explosives but instead was killed in the blast.

    Re:his tactics...The first explosion is intended to cause the crowds to amass and travel towards teh suicide bomber.. where he then detonates within as large a group as possible.. Swedes, being oblivious to the nature of an Islamic state (which Sweden is raopidly becoming with more practising muslims than christians) of course congregated around the exploded car thwarting his attempts at panic murder and then they further attempted first aid on the bomber himself with bombs attached (so I heard). Now does any of this sound totally ludicrous.. well it's how it went down..

    this was just another mad bombing gone wrong..
    and in true swedish fashion, the truth is funnier than any comedy writer could have possibly envisioned.

    Thanks for the post again, and your comment. I am a little divergent and often play devil's advocate regardless of my own views..
    But this story really is one of comedy made tragic by a death.

  7. It's been said that God does nothing in the affairs of men except they pray. Prayer is the catalyst for worldwide transformation. Prayer incites the angels, restrains darkness, and releases nations into their destiny.