Monday, February 7, 2011

Tao Moving

Yesterday, I finally finished the work on my English version of the Tao Te Ching, and uploaded the files to the publisher. The book will be available on Internet bookstores in a few days - both as a Kindle ebook and in regular print.

If I may say so, myself, I am very pleased with the result. I managed to get the translations of the 81 Lao Tzu chapters as clear and simple as intended, which is how I perceive the Chinese original. Also, my comments on each chapter didn't feel out of place, when I was proof reading. Now, I am eager to see if future readers will agree or not.

So, if you come across the book and have a look at it, please let me know what you think about it. As soon as the book is out on Amazon, I'll put links to it on this blog.

The image above is the book's cover.

Added February 13:
Now, the book can be ordered at Amazon and other Internet bookstores. Here are links to it:
Tao Te Ching at Amazon US
Tao Te Ching as a Kindle ebook
More about the book


  1. I Am quite curious.
    I really enjoyed the Swedish version especially as it complemented my studies so well with "the book of changes" and "Five Rings". I suspect that this work has taken the whole thing to another level. The lightness in language was something I appreciated in your swedish version but then perhaps I read the Crowley-version one time to many :)
    I always found your version better.

  2. Magnus, I had the strong feeling of surpassing my Swedish version in the English one. Have a peak at the latter here:

  3. Interesting blog + well-chosen topics! (and, if I may be a bit off topic, I'm incredibly jealous/impressed of your current and previous profession(s). Really. Really. Cool.)

  4. Chiefkatt, many thanks for your kind words. The topic of your blog suggests to me that you might one day find yourself pursuing one of my previous careers.