Friday, September 9, 2011

Much more than CMYK and RGB

Recently, I posted a few of my drawings. Now it's time for a couple of oil paintings. They are from the 1990's. Unfortunately, I rarely find the time for this passion.

Few things are as fascinating and satisfying as oil painting. The colors are marvelous, so much richer than the printed CMYK or even modern computer monitor RGB. They have depth.

Also, their thickness and slight resistance when brushed onto the canvas increase the sensation. The strokes of the brush remain visible. In that way, it's both painting and sculpture, at least relief.

One has to have patience, because the oil colors dry very slowly. Actually they never do completely, and that's why they keep their shine and shape for hundreds of years.

These two paintings are simple studies, nothing fancy. A torso and a portrait. I was just having fun with the brush's dance on the canvas. I long for more of that fun.

(Click on the images to see them enlarged.)


  1. I like this portrait most of all I have seen of your work, thanks for sharing,
    best Carina

  2. Carina, many thanks for your kind words. I must admit that I am myself delighted with how well the pictures turned out on the computer screen. I should get more time for painting...

  3. Very interesting art. Glad i stopped by and viewed