Thursday, January 12, 2012

Actors Interruptus

I've become addicted to Inside the Actors Studio, the TV show where James Lipton interviews famous movie stars at length. Like any addiction, it's a combination of delight and agony.

The essay has been moved to my personal website:

Actors Interruptus


  1. A friend of mine and I were arguing about astrology and she told me that he believes in astrology. She hasn't provided me with any evidence that the belief makes any sense to me. She she been telling me that I can't prove that it's wrong. Does her answer have merit? Any suggestions/help/opinions?

    1. Not that it has much to do with Actors Studio, but from a strictly scientific viewpoint the burden of proof is on the one with a claim. There's just too much to disprove, otherwise.

      On the other hand, the tools of natural science are not always the relevant ones for some theories, ideas, and old traditions, especially those that don't fit in the scientific paradigm.

      In other words: regarding much, we still have to make up our own minds.