Monday, June 10, 2013

The Weakness of Rhetoric

President Obama defended the massive NSA monitoring of digital information, which was revealed a couple of days ago. It was not an easy task, not even with his rhetoric skills. There are limits to the power of rhetoric.

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The Weakness of Rhetoric


  1. Here's an interesting graph published by Wall Street Journal, showing decisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on requests for customer records at telecom companies:
    Rise in Requests

    The court is to safeguard the right of privacy, but it has never denied an application. This alone shows that the safeguard system is not working.

    What the court does instead is an increased re-wording of the requests, which shows that they are increasingly regarded as improper or illegal. The graph indicates that a vast majority of the requests are.

    Any power will be misused. If it's protected by secrecy, the misuse will increase.

  2. That is one very well written critique that encompasses nearly everything. I would just like to add, that Obama's call for help of the senate and call for the obedience of the people using "rhetorics" (let's contradictory call it a monologue in democracy) is to not only to conceal, what he himself knows is true but is just tickling people while giving them an unnoticed kick in the crotch. He basically asks for public opinion and debate, so his game leaders get our feedback and after find a way to make this whole scam stronger.

    My only question is, when will the people refuse "tickling" and unplug their dependance. Independance day which they celebrate is in my opinion just a celebration of the background uncles that are sucesfully convincing people that independence is, while there is no. Maybe it really was about the independance at the beginning, but now I see it as a vicious mind game.

    I know that there is one and same truth for all of us, and this one is so strong that no word is needed. It makes good and bad possible. It gracefully gives and roughly takes in any sense. And that is the power we should follow and give up ourselves to. Than we become unbeatable, because we are that truth.

    PS: I've heard that there is nearly no reports about non-USA countries in USA media. That is just wrong, since USA is affecting the entire world with their policy. Forcing countries rich with oil to sell it only in US currency is the biggest fraud on our planet ever. They just print the money and then run all their economy on oil that is actually embodied sunlight, water and earth old millions of years. If not obeying their demands, they set a "war on terorism".

    My final point it that we are all involved, he should adress his lousy monologue to all of us.

  3. "I've heard that there is nearly no reports about non-USA countries in USA media". Correct! I live in the USA...Very well said.Congrats.